Argo Tractors

New X10 Series

New X10 Series

X10. 25 - 30 - 35

From the smallest X10.25 to the largest X10.35, all models in this range are specially designed to perform light farm tasks as well as lawn and landscape maintenance jobs. They are powered by Tier 3-compliant, 3-cylinder, water-cooled diesel engines delivering 22, 28 and 34 hp, respectively.
All three models are available with mechanical or hydrostatic transmission providing reliable performance in any situation. The mechanical transmission for the X10.35 models has 4 gears and 2 ranges giving operators the choice of 8 FWD+8 REV speeds with the synchro shuttle integrated into the steering column.
The hydrostatic transmission, providing two speed ranges for the 1-25H model and three speed ranges for the X10.30H and X10.35H models, is designed to optimize the engine power, making these tractors perfect for gardening and municipal applications. 

All three models features a 540-rpm rear PTO as standard. In addition, a 2000-rpm mid-mount PTO is available which can be used as a front PTO for operating a snowblower or sweeper, is available as an option.
The hydraulic rear hitch with Cat. 1 three-point linkage is powerful and versatile and features adjustable telescopic lower links to make attaching implements easier and faster. The driving position, located on an iso-mounted platform, is equipped with a sprung seat and a fully-adjustable steering wheel for maximum operator comfort.

  X10.25 X10.30 X10.35
Transmission          HST   HST  M  HST
Engine Tier 3 Daedong 3C100LWB Daedong 3A139LWH Daedong 3A165LWM
Intake Natural Natural Natural
Max. power ISO        [Hp/Kw] 22 /16  28 /20,5 34 /25
Cylindres / cm³   3 /1007   3 /1393   3 /1647
Net PTO power ISO            [Hp/Kw]    16,5/12   20,5/15  27,6/20  26,5/19,5 
Rated revolution                              [RPM]  2800    2600 2600  
Fuel tank capacity                      [Lt] 20 30 30
Weight   970    1443  1475  1480 
Overall Length                           [MM]   2684 3190      3190  
Overall Width                              [MM]   1121   1286   1385
Wheelbase                                  [MM]   1470 1680   1680  
Overall Height                             [MM]  2185  2375  2390
Min. ground clearence               [MM] 310 328 352


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