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The Mistral Series compact tractors offer a restyled design and ergonomically improved controls.
These tractors are a concentrate of technology that combines unequalled power, versatility and comfort.
Agile and easy to handle, the Landini Mistral tractors are ideal for use in confined spaces such as vineyard and orchard rows and greenhouses, but are equally perfect for gardening works and maintenance of green areas and municipalities.
The plunging line of the hood, the wraparound design of the rear fender, the folding ROPS and a weight-to-power ratio of only 29 Kg/ HP make this tractor unique in its class.In addition, the new four-post cab fitted on the Mistral has a more modern design that brings enhanced visibility and manoeuvrability.
The cab interior has also been improved with a better pressurisation system, a reduced noise level and a new, highly-efficient air conditioning to offer the operator a more comfortable working environment.
The four Mistral models are equipped with Yanmar 3- and 4-cylinder engines, transmission with creeper and reverse power shuttle and mounting facilities for a front power lift and PTO.
Though small in size, the Mistral is big, very big in performance.

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